Massage Helps Chronic Back Pain

These days, with the volume turned up on electronic stimulation, work, family, health, happiness, success and money, a massage is something that people deem an indulgence. Massaging the muscles that hold all the stress from the day ease the mind and the body into a more relaxed state. We even give out free mini-massages at some health fairs and expos, and people will line up just to close their eyes, and feel the tension melt as Tonia works her magic, even for a just a few minutes.

However, with new clinical evidence that shows the benefits of massage for chronic lower back pain, massages just might be able to lose the indulgence wrap, and swap it with medical necessity. Time Magazine recently published an article that detailed a study in massage therapy for back pain sufferers. An excerpt below explains further:

The participants in the study had all tried existing therapies but couldn’t find relief for their pain. The fact that massage made a difference when added to existing treatments may shift the way back pain is currently treated. And it couldn’t happen sooner: a recent report by the Institute of Medicine found that untreated or inadequately treated pain affects 116 million Americans and is a “public health crisis.”

The final message from the study? “There are always options, and there is always hope.” Our massage therapist, Tonia, offers that hope on an appointment basis. Call the office to schedule and have your stress melt away.

Read the full article here.


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